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1. We … at home now.
2. … married to a girl from America.
3. ... a table and two chairs in the kitchen.
4. We like our teacher and she likes ...
5. My sister ... a brother who lives in Spain.
6. He has ... old car.
7. ... can I buy some stamps, please ?
8. ... he play tennis on Sundays ?
9. I went to Australia three years ...
10. I ... an email to my best friend.
11. There aren’t ... cups in the cupboard.
12. There were ...people at the meeting.
13. I can cook now, but I ... cook when I got married.
14. They ... want to go to the cinema so they stayed at home.
15. I like seafood, so I ... have some paella.
16. She ... lunch with her mother tomorrow.
17. This magazine is more interesting ... that one.
18. There aren’t ... cars left in the car park.
19. They are looking for ... to stay for their holidays.
20. I have ... been to the shops so I don’t need anything.
21. They bought a house in Camden and it has been ... for thirty years.
22. Have you ... to India ?
23. He ... at the bus stop when it began to rain.
24. When I retired I ... travel all over Europe.
25. I am thinking of ... a house by the sea.
26. Ma sister ... lives in Sydney is a dentist.
27. It was the ... weather we have ever had in June.
28. The poem ... last year by a schoolgirl.
29. Do you think I ... go and tell them the truth?
30. If I don’t get the tickets for the concert, we ... have to go early.
31. The police caught the burglar after he ... into the museum.
32. The flight ... because of the bad weather.
33. Everybody enjoys eating ... chocolate from time to time.
34. It was ... a beautiful day we decided to go swimming in the lake.
35. They’re going to Mexico ... visit the Aztec Pyramids.
36. If I had known, I ... come to visit you.
37. Don’t worry ! I ... do it for you.
38. What is the weather ... in Switzerland in spring ?
39. ... I’ve finished my work, I’ll be able to go out in the garden and relax.
40. I never realized how important it was before ... to Switzerland.
41. I would rather you ... accept that job.
42. It’s time she ... to be more responsible.
43. I wish you ... so negative about the future.
44. As he was having breakfast, the phone rang and he got the message he ... for.
45. I’m going to university next year, so I ... in a student’s hostel.
46. There a bakery on that corner.
47. Since ... in New York, I haven’t been able to make many friends.
48. It’s no use ... to help them.
49. If only I ... where I put my glasses.
50. The film is said ... on his experiences.
51. I went to Spain ... to learn Spanish.
52. You should stand ... what you believe.
53. In years to come, it ... have holiday on the moon.
54. I will have driven for five hours by the time I ... to Geneva.
55. The lift isn’t working ... means we’ll have to use the stairs.
56. The last time I saw you, you ... start a new job.
57. I don’t know if the guests ... back for supper on time.
58. We are lost. If we had bought a map with us, we ... where we are.
59. It’s about to rain so we’d better take an umbrella, ...we ?
60. I suppose you are not serious, ... you ?