Online video courses

These courses will enable you to learn online wherever you are and get quick results with professional offline courses. All you need is an internet connection to take advantage of the course and learn at your own pace.


Speak English fluently while being comfortable with the pronunciation.



Discover German by level while progressing at your own pace and


Swiss German

Learn how to speak fluently Swiss German and understand people around you. A real asset for your professional life.



Learn French quickly and efficiently, either independently or with an online assistance.



These Italian courses introduce you step by step, and by level, while making you feel comfortable with the pronunciation.



Learn Spanish and plan your dream journeys in other countries, quickly, efficiently and by level.


Practical infos

  • Languages : German, French and English
  • Levels : A1 to C2
  • Length : at convenience
  • Beginning of the course : as soon as unlocked
  • Structure : video courses supplemented with lists, exercices, audios and clips, pdf, mp3 or mp4
  • Format: monthly subscriptions

Why choose online video courses?

The first advantage of online video courses is that they can be viewed whenever and wherever you want. Online video courses can be a huge asset for companies whose employees often have irregular schedules. They are also THE solution for an educational institution that would rather need their participants to work on particular topics. Finally, online video courses are suitable for any private learner who is just willing to improve their language skills fast or has little time to study unless they do so late at night.

The contents of the video courses are intensive and thus extremely effective. They are also very convenient since they can be watched autonomously or with the professional assistance of one of our teachers.

Structured by level

The courses are specifically built by levels for you. The idea is to have you progress step by step to make sure you acquire a whole level.  There are no random information that don’t match with what you are already supposed to know. That’s why you can also make sure you have covered the entire program of the selected level. Just imagine how comforting it is to know for sure that once you went through a whole level you actually touched all theories/material that includes this level, before having you jumped into the next level.

Learning the language by level is a major advantage as you can assess your progress systematically.

Unlike a face-to-face course that you cannot “relive”, videos allow you to review the course as many times as necessary and resume your watching whenever you need to.  For all those reasons, it is a powerful tool of learning and revision.

Swiss Lingua online courses make it possible for you to learn quickly and efficiently according to your level of language proficiency.


You can easily open an account for yourself, your employees, or company then manage your personal or group subscription account.

Personal objectives

The online method is especially designed for learners who wish to complete an entire level or less. Our online learning system offers high flexibility. The courses can be divided into 3 progressive steps as you can either choose to complete a full level or one half or a quarter of a proficiency level.

Additional learning material

The courses are complemented by vocabulary lists, exercises, audio documents and sometimes video clips to work on listening comprehension.

Personal tutoring

You have the possibility of a personalized monitoring by a qualified teacher (videoconference, audio call, social networks or face-to-face).

High quality

The courses are conceived by experts and are based on the official program of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL), widely used as a reference in official language exams and certificates. The content of the online video courses is relevant and can be used immediately.

Best value

Our video lessons are carefully designed so as to make you learn fast and efficiently. They also allow you to focus on very particular topics and thus help you reach your specific goals. Plus, you can have unlimited access to your online video course 24/7 for a whole month.

The price defies all competition compared to face-to-face courses.