Why choose us ?

Simply because learning is not just about learning the language, but it is also about identifying how your memory works.

Do you rather have a visual, auditory or kinesthesic memory? All memories work differently. Our certified expert will give you a test so as to identify your learning habits and preferences. You will get a personalised feedback and an extended list of study tips and memorizing techniques adapted to your individual needs and memorizing strengths.

Learning a language can be a difficult thing, we are here to help you.

Indeed, language can be a barrier within your own family, professional career, neighbourhood or various hobbies and activities. Languages may seem easy to assimilate at first, but the path can turn out long and strenuous especially at the beginning of the learning process.

Learning a language necessarily raises questions and doubts in terms of grammar, culture, pronunciation or understanding. Don’t have those questions left unanswered.

We are here to make sure your task is easier and provide you with a professional guideline that will help you grasp the specifics of the new language.

Your advantages

  • You can enjoy a pleasant and friendly working environment
  • You can take profit of over 20 years of experience, unique know-how, high quality and efficient teaching
  • You benefit of a wide range of services (full immersion stays in Switzerland or abroad, day-trips, business courses in law, medicine and economics, kids Workshops, corporate courses, Au-Pair programs, etc.)


  • You get personalized solutions adapted to your specific needs with high flexibility, in terms of organisation and staff availability
  • For you, the registration and administration fees, assessment test, intermediate progress assessments and personal monitoring are included
  • You receive an individual feedback and pedagogical monitoring provided by professional experts


  • You will be given a personalized training services and advice
  • You have at your disposal all the competent, certified native-speaking teachers, trained according to the FSEA norm
  • Your actual language experience will be taken in consideration and we will fully adapt your specific requests


  • You can get well structured, dynamic and interactive courses that makes the language come alive for you
  • You receive professional assistance who will guide your self-study
  • Your professional coaching will keep your motivation high and will support you in your challenges


  • You get the most competitive rates with an excellent quality/ price ratio
  • You receive a detailed and progressive syllabus according to your level
  • Your course is guarantee to start as soon as you registered, whatever course you take, private, semi-private or group courses (3-5 participants).

They trust us

They’re talking about us

The feedback from our customers is very important to us because it allows us to improve our services and the customer experience.
We are delighted to hear the customer say: “I was advised to come to you”, or “I heard about you by word of mouth”, or “a few years ago I took a course with you”. We would like to thank all our customers who have trusted us for years.

The loyalty of our clients is a clear indication that the quality of our services as well as the experience they have had with our School is appreciated and even encouraged.