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It’s essential to speak several languages!

Have you ever realised just how many new opportunities learning a new language opens up? More contacts, more customers, more income, more job perspectives, more competence and more expertise.

Invest in your language skills now and regain your self-confidence!

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Courses for exam preparation

It enables adults and young adults wishing to take those exams in a specific language (French, German, Swiss German, English, Italian, etc) to improve THEIR language proficiency and increase success rates.

General language courses

This course is for those who wish to improve and develop their language skills in everyday situations.We pay a particular attention to your personal expectations and goals before starting any lesson.

Business language courses

The course allows adults wishing to express themselves and comprehend both oral and written language in their business environment (specifically in economy, law, and medicine) and to progress systematically with confidence.

Corporate courses

For both small and large companies, development and economic growth have always been top priorities. In an increasingly globalised environment, needless to say that communication and languages play an essential role in that process.

Courses for Au-Pairs

Au-Pairs take these courses in addition to their daily practice of French, the goal to achieve the widely diploma known as the Delf Dalf is included in the whole one year program.

Courses for children and teenagers

To awaken to the progressive and interactive discovery of the basics of the language, through captivating adventures and discoveries.

Online video courses

Vous former quand vous voulez et au rythme que vous voulez, tout en ayant la garantie que vous intégrez toute la matière du niveau que vous ciblez. Les cours vidéos peuvent être accompagnés par un formateur.

Online Discussion Workshop

Learn in “real time” and in live visuals wherever you are and get quick results with professional online teachers. All you need is an internet connection to benefit from the course and communicate easily with the trainers.

Private tutoring

For students improving their performances with a personalized follow-up during the school year, also with with upgrades and revision during holidays. Work is done according to the objectives and the academic degree. Service supervised by qualified teachers.

Our Clients

The extreme diversity of our clients is what makes our school so dynamic and effective. Whether you’re a 5-year-old beginner, a teenage student, an Au-Pair, a job applicant, a company manager, a corporate group or even school classes from Zurich or the Grisons, you can always count on the expertise of our teachers. They will help you achieve your dream, that is, to speak a foreign language fluently or obtain a certification.

If you want to experience a new culture or be successful in your professional career, take advantage of our qualified training and individualized learning methods especially developed for you and get ready to achieve your language goals right now.