Learn differently with SWISS LINGUA

When someone says “learning”, what does that make you think of?

Everyone has a different approach to learning; whether good or bad, optimistic or pessimistic, joyful or fearful. Some people know how to learn, some think they do, and some don’t know how to learn.

Would you like to understand how you function? Do you have any blocks or fears related to learning? Are you looking for guidance and trying to learn how to learn? Would you like to discover different language cultures?

Then our blog is for you; we would like to bring you a different approach to learning.

Above all, we would like to share with you our JOY OF LEARNING, because as Maria Montessori said, “The joy of learning is as essential to intelligence as breathing is to running.

We welcome you on our blog – Everyday is a learning-day!



Reading: the superpower for effortless language mastery

Are you on a quest for linguistic fluency? Then let books be your best friends on this learning path! It’s often said that practice makes perfect, and in the world of polyglots, reading is the gold that makes talent shine. But why exactly? The answer lies in the fascinating depths of our brains.

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