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Corporate course

For both small and large companies, development and economic growth have always been top priorities. In an increasingly globalised environment, needless to say that communication and languages play an essential role in that process.

SWISS LINGUA is the ideal partner for your department of human resources and professional training.

We shall provide you with a team of qualified teachers and project managers so as to find adapted solutions and meet your requirements together.

Several clients have already expressed their gratitude and enthusiasm for our ready-to-use language services. They namely appreciated the professional dedication of our school and the outstanding results of our teaching approach.

Practical infos

  • Languages : German, Swiss German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian,  etc
  • Levels : A1 to C2
  • Duration of the module : 1 to 3 years, according to project
  • Number of courses : once or more per week
  • Length : 60 minutes per lesson
  • Structure : private, half-private or group
  • Location : on site or in-company
  • Training certificate : on request


Define specific needs and objectives
Assess levels of individuals and teams with a free language test
Set up study groups and individual courses
Get approval for concept and budget proposals
Elaborate training plan and schedule
Confirm courses with specific teachers
Carry out training and set up program monitoring
Synchronize with HR department and deliver regular progress reports.
Evaluate targeted level and language skills with final tests
Submit final program report and potentially new objectives


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