Terms and conditions


By registration, participants undertake to respect the requirements of the Terms and Conditions of Swiss Lingua sàrl, hereinafter named “the School”. The general conditions of mandates or exam providers are also to be observed.


Admission requirements

Admission requirements for each course / module are shown on the offers made to the customer. The entry-level test is free.



Entries must be made on a form available from the Secretariat or on the School website (www.swiss-lingua.ch); by registering on the site of the School or on paper, the customer agrees to accept these Terms and Conditions; registration is considered valid.


Conduct of courses

Group lessons begin only when enrolment is sufficient. Private and semi-private courses start with an agreed schedule between clients, throughout the year.

In case of withdrawal of an assigned teacher/trainer, the school will conduct the replacement.

The school reserves the right to postpone or cancel any course that does not have enough participants. If the number of participants requires, the price of a course can be adjusted or undergo a reduction in the number of lessons. For pedagogical reasons, the school may decide to transfer a student to another group after discussion with the person concerned.

In case of a pandemic or other exceptional situation, the courses will be carried on by distance learning, any postponing or cancelling is not possible.


Schedule modifications

For private or semi-private lessons, all requests for schedule changes must be notified at least 24 hours in advance to the Secretariat or the teacher/trainer. The course is due if this is not complied with or if there is an impossibility to arrange the schedule with the other participant. In all other cases, neither absences, nor course fees can be compensated because of missed classes (private or group).



Any option for a course, which has been chosen with a signed quote; all courses organized; confirmed in writing electronically or by post, and billed, must be paid in full by the participant; a course cannot be  cancelled or refunded within 15 calendar days before it starts. The cost of course materials is added to the fee, unless otherwise stated. Supports given back are not taken back.

An invoice is sent to each participant (by mail or electronic transmission). The full amount is due upon receipt and this before the course starts. Only those people who paid their tuition are allowed to attend the course, the receipt being authentic.

Payments can be made directly to the Secretariat or by bank transfer. The full amount is due in case of withdrawal of a participant, unless serious reasons are duly established. The contract is personal, non-transferable.  In the event of late payment, reminders fees are claimed. In case of non-payment, legal measures are taken. In case of payment by instalments, interest on arrears (3%) can be requested. The customer contract is worth acknowledgment of debt with according to Article ART.82 CO.


Cancellation by participants 

Cancellation of courses shall be done in writing, the date of reception being authentic, stating the reasons (medical certificate, letter from employer, etc.) In case of cancellation due to illness, accident, a cancellation of the course can be requested. Upon presentation of a medical certificate, a refund for the days not attended may be considered. If a cancellation of a course or a registration is accepted, a forfeit equivalent to 50% of the amount of the invoice will be charged. Any courseinterrupted for any reason other than illness or accident must be paid in full.


Course attendance

In the interest of learning, courses should be attended regularly and punctually. In case of absence, participants inform the Secretariat or teacher/trainer. A paid course will have to be started and delivered within 12 months of the client’s registration; in case a course is delayed by the client beyond this time frame, le course payment remains property of the School, with no obligation to deliver the remainder of course hours initially planned.


Acknowledgment and certificates

Course attendance will be certified for active participation in the module and given to those who can demonstrate an 80 % attendance in class, on request. Participants sign a presence sheet each lesson.  Training leading to certificates and diplomas are subject to specific rules according to the examination provider. These regulations are communicated during exam registration.


Program and price changes

Management reserves the right to change programs, prices and the Terms and Conditions at any time.  The latest version is considered valid also for situationsdating prior to their writing.


Order in the building 

Respect for others within the institution and silence in public areas is required. It is also forbidden to eat and drink near computers or other similar devices. Working places must be left clean and tidy.


Location and length of the courses

Different locations for courses will be specified on the course confirmation correspondence, sent to each participant.  A teaching period is 45 minutes unlessotherwise stated.


Cancellation by the school

If the school cancels classes, management will endeavor to replace them. Any financial claim or damages / interests is excluded.


Exclusion from a course

Swiss Lingua reserves the right to exclude participants, specifying the reasons, who do not comply with the contractual conditions or who disrupt intentionally a class, which may be subject to judicial proceedings. The full fee amount remains due in the case of exclusion due to non-payment of course fees or unacceptable behavior (insults, assault, malicious damage to equipment, etc.).



For all courses and events organized / hosted by Swiss Lingua sàrl, the school accepts no liability for any damage that the client could create or sustain.  The customer must personally purchase sufficient insurance (liability, theft, loss, accident of any kind, injury and material damage). Swiss Lingua sàrl assumes no liability to the customer in the use of facilities, premises, parking in case of theft, loss, accident of any kind of injury and material damage. This list is notexhaustive.


All legal relations with Swiss Lingua sàrl are subject to Swiss law. Local jurisdiction is the seat of the sàrl.


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