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Business language courses

The course allows adults wishing to express themselves and comprehend both oral and written language in their business environment (specifically in economy, law, and medicine) and to progress systematically with confidence.

Practical infos

  • Languages : German, Swiss German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.
  • Levels : A1 to C2
  • Areas of expertise : economy, law and medicine
  • Instructors: with an economy, law and medicine training
  • Modules : 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Number of courses : 12 per module (renewable)
  • Length & frequency : 60/90 minutes per week or intensive courses
  • Beginning of the courses : now or at convenience
  • Structure : private, semi-private or groups
  • Location : in our school – Estavayer, Fribourg – or in-company


  • Acquire and expand language skills specific to the workplace (grammar and vocabulary)
  • Develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills by exposing participants to various situations in the culture of the business world
  • Give participants access to suitable and easy-to-use language references
  • Give participants the opportunity to self-assess their progress


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A motivating, structured and dynamic method is proposed with clearly defined objectives and a course material enhanced by innovative and easy-to-use digital resources. The course is complemented by self-study and regular self-assessments.

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