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Courses for exam preparation

This intensive course focuses on the specific test-taking skills required by standardized tests such as Goethe, DELF, DALF, IELTS, Cambridge Certificate, TOEFL… It enables adults and young adults wishing to take those exams in a specific language (French, German, Swiss German, English, Italian, etc) to improve THEIR language proficiency and increase success rates.

Official Language-based tests are mostly required by government agencies, corporations, universities in Switzerland but also for international exchange program admissions in universities abroad.

Practical infos

  • Languages : German, Swiss German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.
  • Levels : A1 to C2
  • Certificates : Cambridge, Delf Dalf, Goethe, Telc, IELTS, CELI, etc.
  • Modules : 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Number of courses : 12 per module (renewable)
  • Length & frequency : 60/90 minutes per week or intensive courses
  • Beginning of the courses : now or at convenience
  • Structure : private, semi-private or groups
  • Location : in our school – Estavayer, Fribourg – or in-company


  • Consolidate grammar tools and language use
  • Expand general and technical vocabulary
  • Acquire communication skills (listening / reading comprehension, oral / written expression, interaction and debates, pronunciation and intonation correction)
  • Develop practical strategies for test preparation and test taking
  • Enhance abilities for individual work, independent learning, organizational skills and self-assessment


Master level B2 at a minimum of 75% (entry test)


Depending on your chosen level and program, we offer a structured method, course material and content based on the specific requirements of the test.
Take our free online – language test to have an approximate indication of your level
Assess your language skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking skills)
Address your learning needs
Get ready for the exam (familiarise yourself with the content and format of the exam, practise useful exam techniques including time management and avoid common mistakes made by candidates)
Improve your success rates and self-assess your progress by taking our practice tests and receiving detailed results as well as personalised feedback

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