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General language courses

Our learning programs are based on the results obtained from the preliminary placement test so we can determine your initial fluency level and specific language needs and communication goals. Our program also includes individual feedback and constant monitoring to assess progress and language skills achievement.

Our experienced teachers cover all aspects of communication skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking and interacting) related to daily life situations. Each course is focused on the dynamic development of interactive communication skills and comprises adapted vocabulary, grammar use and pronunciation practice.

Practical infos

  • Languages : German, Swiss German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.
  • Levels : A1 to C2
  • Modules : 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Number of courses : 12 per module (renewable)
  • Length & frequency : 60/90 minutes per week or intensive course
  • Beginning of the courses : now or at convenience
  • Structure : private, semi-private or groups
  • Location : in our school – Estavayer, Fribourg – or in-company


  • Consolidate grammar tools and language use
  • Expand general vocabulary
  • Acquire communication skills (listening / reading comprehension, oral / written expression, interaction and debates, pronunciation and intonation correction)
  • Speak and understand in everyday situations
  • Give access to suitable and easy-to-use language references
  • Enhance abilities for individual work, independent learning, organizational skills and self-assessment


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Depending on your chosen level and program, we offer a structured method, course material and content based on your specific goals and language needs.
Take our free online – language test to determine your initial fluency level
Assess your language skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking skills)
Address your learning needs (personalized memorization techniques and adapted studying tips)
Improve your success rates and self-assess your progress by taking our regular practice tests and receiving detailed results as well as personalized feedback

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